It's only fitting that this subject is brought up on Memorial Day; a day to remember those who have given their lives in the pursuit of our freedom and right to live as we choose. Loss has moments of prevalence in my life, in some ways forcing me slow down. We've become old pals. It's always been there, right by my side side, popping up usually at the most inappropriate times.

Loss is the reason — the absolute, divine force — behind the art that I create. Don't get me wrong... I photograph the best times: the celebrations, the love, the new beginnings... but I also photograph because of loss. The act of capturing these personalities, families, lives, smiles... these ever-passing moments. It's therapeutic and has helped me recover during my own personal losses. It's the way that I choose to cope and to overcome immense grief.

In the past week, there's been some loss that has hit close to home. From shooting with families that will be putting down their beloved pup due to disease or old age, to finding out that one of my favorite subjects (and easily one of the most interesting, kind, and genuine people I've ever met) had passed on. Loss happens to us all. Please take the time to capture and remember the moments that you can. Don't take them for granted. Document them, remember them... slow down and savor them.

To my dearly departed: You taught me patience in difficulty. You taught me to never take life too seriously; to let go and have more fun. You taught me to be true to myself and listen to what my heart wants and to know that's the most important thing. Nothing else matters. Thank you.

RIP Malachi Springer. You were (and will always be) an old soul and a true gentleman.